A Hyphenate name is a family name with two parts, which may or may not have a hyphen in it. Helen Richardson-Walsh for example has the family names separated with a hyphen. Names like this are called double barreled name.

The rules around getting your name Hyphenate are similar to those you would follow if you were getting a name changed after marriage.

Whether you want to change your legal last name or hyphenate, you still need to go through the name change process. We will make sure your name change is simple.

Legal Name Change Instruction


File a name change petition in a probate court or circuit court in the county where you reside. The procedures for legal name changes vary from state to state. Check to see if the court in your county has name change petitions on the internet available for download.

File a request for a name change hearing. Petitions for hearings are filed with the court clerk’s office. In some cases, the clerk’s office will automatically schedule a court hearing after the name change petition has been filed.

Publish your name change hearing form in a local newspaper. States require applicants to place a legal notice of the hearing in a newspaper that has general circulation in their county. After the notice is published, the newspaper will give the applicants a proof of publication that you will need to take to your court hearing.

Some states would require that you file a name change order with the clerk’s office. Applicants will also receive a copy of the name change order.
Notify your employer, banks and government agencies of your legal name change. The court order can be shown to the Social Security Administration, Department of Motor Vehicles, United States Passport agency, the IRS, Voter Registration, credit card companies and utility companies as proof of the new Hyphenate name.

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