What We Do (5)

How does HitchSwitch Work?

Our system takes the basic information you submit online to autofill the forms you'll need to change your name. Along with these autofilled forms, we'll provide a set of instructions that explain how to complete and how to submit each of the provided applications. Since we don't collect sensitive information (i.e. Social, Passport number, Driver's License number), we'll indicate which fields still require your attention and where to sign and date. For any steps that can be submitted in the mail, we'll include the address to which the application needs to be sent.

Our goal is to take the mystery out of this process - with our help you won't need to worry about where to start, which forms you'll need, how to fill out those forms, which order to submit the applications, what to include when submitting, where to submit, etc.


Which HitchSwitch package is right for me?

HitchSwitch offers three name change packages:

Print at Home: Immediate access to name change applications that have been autofilled with your basic information and a set of corresponding instructions that will explain how to submit each application via an online dashboard.

Full Service Package: Our team will ship printed name change applications that have been autofilled with your basic information, a set of corresponding instructions that will explain how to submit each application, and pre-paid envelopes for any steps that can be submitted through the mail

Platinum Package: Our team will ship printed name change applications that have been autofilled with your basic information, a set of corresponding instructions that will explain how to submit each application, and pre-paid envelopes for any steps that can be submitted through the mail. Platinum clients also receive access to a name change concierge, in addition to a complimentary passport photo (which will be redeemed through the app "NewPassportPhoto.com").


Where will HitchSwitch help me change my name?

We know that half the battle for this process is figuring out where you'll need to update your name.

Some of the applications included in your HitchSwitch package are: Social Security, Passport, Drivers License, Vehicle Title & Registration, Voter Registration, IRS. etc. But we do not stop there - at HitchSwitch we will provide our clients with anything name change related (i.e. Credit Cards, Utility Companies, Doctor's Offices, Subscription Services, Airline Loyalty Programs, etc.).

Simply send us an email, and one of our name change ninjas will reply with a set of personalized instructions and all applicable name change information.


What is the name change concierge?

The name change concierge is a personal contact at HitchSwitch who our platinum clients can easily reach out to at any time. Instead of having to call or email our main support line, platinum clients are automatically directed to our special concierge team!



How Secure Is HitchSwitch? (3)

Personal Information

Information security is one of our top priorities - for this reason, we never collect any sensitive information from clients (i.e. Social Security number, Passport number, Driver's License number, Parental information, etc.). Instead, we'll provide a set of instructions with your HitchSwitch order that will explain where you'll manually add that information prior to submitting the application to each government or state agency.


Cyber Security

Information and cyber security are our top priorities - for this reason, we never collect any sensitive/identifiable information from our clients such as your Social Security number, Passport number, etc. Instead, we will provide a set of instructions with your HitchSwitch order that will explain where you will manually add that information prior to submitting the application to each government or state agency.

The only information we ask for or see is what one can find in a basic social media or White Pages search.

Additionally, our SSL certificate and cyber security are monitored 24/7 not only by our development team but through an outside firm as well whose clients include Google, Amazon, Exxon mobile to name a few.


Will I have to provide my Social Security number?

Absolutely not!

Client information security is one of our top priorities. We'll never ask for sensitive information (Social Security number, Passport number, Driver's License number, Weight, Parental info). Instead, we'll provide a set of instructions that will explain where you'll manually add that information once you've received (or printed) your name change applications.



HitchSwitch Basics (6)

Will I have to submit any HitchSwitch applications in person?

As for in-person visits: Post 9/11 identification laws in the US changed so the DMV requires an in-person visit in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. However, all other updates can typically be submitted through the mail, fax, a phone call, an email, or via an online portal.

Please note that there are a few exceptions: There are certain counties across the US that will require in-person submission of the Social Security name change request, to streamline the process due to the high volume of name changes that occur in the city.

Additionally, you will need to submit your Passport application in person if you're applying for the first time, if you've lost your current passport, or if your current passport has been expired for more than five years.


Are there any additional fees?

The $29 to $89 charged by HitchSwitch is for our service. All additional fees are paid directly to the state or government agency where making the update.

To renew a passport over a year old, or to apply for a first-time passport, there will be a $110 fee paid directly to the State Department. For name change updates on driver's licenses, each state requires a fee that is normally around $10-35. For the majority of the other updates, there is no fee!


When should I place my HitchSwitch order?

You can complete our EasyForm and order your HitchSwitch package at any time. Approximately 20% to 25% of our clients order HitchSwitch prior to their wedding date, so the can familiarize themselves with the paperwork, and are ready to get going after the big day!

However, you cannot actually change your name until you are legally married, with your marriage certificate physically in your possession. The marriage certificate (sent to you in the mail about two weeks after your wedding) is the legal document that allows you to change your name.


I need to update my name and my address. Can HitchSwitch help?

You bet we can!

The forms we provide in your HitchSwitch package will allow you to update your name and address simultaneously - essentially "killing two birds with one stone."

When completing the HitchSwitch EasyForm, please list your new address, under the "permanent address" field, and your shipping address (if different) on the shipping field when checking out!



Submitting your HitchSwitch Order (6)

What address should I use when filling out my HitchSwitch application?

It's up to you, but this is how HitchSwitch defines the various address fields on our EasyForm:

Permanent Address: the address that will be reflected on your new driver's license, bank accounts etc.

Mailing Address: the address to which your new Passport, Driver's License will be sent

Shipping Address: the address where your HitchSwitch order will be sent


When will I receive my HitchSwitch order?

It'll depend on which package you choose.

Print at Home Package: You'll have immediate access to your name change applications and instructions by logging in here.

Full Service Package: Our fulfillment team will process your order on the next business. Shipping usually take 3-5 business days.

Platinum Package: Your order will be shipped in two parts. The name change applications, instructions, and postage will be processed on the next business day. Shipping usually take 3-5 business days The passport photo will be shipped once you redeem and submit your photo via the NewPassportPhoto.com mobile app.


Help, I lost my US Passport?

No worries, but please understand you will need to take a few additional steps.

Since your passport is lost/stolen etc., you will not be able to immediately apply for one in your new name.

First, you will report your lost/stolen passport to the State Department.

Second, you will have to apply for a new passport (in your current name).

Third, once the new passport has been issued, you are NOW able to apply for a passport in your (new) married name using the DS-5504.

If you fall into this unfortunate :( category, please send us an

email so we can provide you with all the necessary information!


How do I indicate that I have an expired US Passport?

If your current (expired) US Passport was issued within the past 15 years, please indicate that you currently have a US Passport and that it was issued over one year ago.

If your current (expired) US Passport was issued over 15 years ago, please indicate that you do not have a US Passport and would like to apply for one.



Name Change Basics (3)

Can HitchSwitch help me change my first name, or can HitchSwitch help us create a brand new last name?

The document that will facilitate your name change is the Marriage Certificate, which is very limited in scope. Your certificate will allow you to update your middle or last name to any combination of your and your spouse's current last names.

If you want to change your first name, or create a brand new last name you'll need to go through the legal name change process, which is briefly outlined below:

1. You will visit your local county clerk;

2. You will complete a name change order with the county clerk;

3. The clerk will schedule a date for you to appear before a judge;

4. In the interim, you will post notice of your new name in a local newspaper (a very antiquated rule, but still part of the requirement);

5. You will have a name change hearing where the judge will issue you the desired name(s).

6. Upon completion, the judge will give you a document called a name change order. The "order" will be the legal document used to change your desired name(s) in lieu of your marriage certificate.

Upon completion of this process the judge will issue you a "Name Change Order." Once this document is physically in hand you will use it in place of your Marriage Certificate when submitting the forms that we provide. HitchSwitch will be able to help you update your name on everything from your passport to your driver's license and everything in between.


How will this name change affect upcoming travel?

The thing to keep in mind with travel is that the name on your ticket must identically match the name on your photo ID.

If you booked in your maiden name, please hold off on submitting your passport until after you return (so that you can use it to board your flight). Keep in mind that in the meantime you can make all other applicable updates (i.e. Social Security update, Driver's License update).


Is HitchSwitch only for newlyweds?

Absolutely not!

Each name change will require a document that will facilitate the update and we do NOT help to procure this document. For most of our clients, this document is the Marriage Certificate but you could also use a court-granted document (name change order), divorce decree, etc.



Where Does HitchSwitch Work? (1)

Will HitchSwitch Work In My State?

Of course!

HitchSwitch is a national service and works in all 50 states, and in Washington D.C. Each HitchSwitch package is customized for each client, and each state.



Marriage Certificate Q's (6)

Marriage License vs. Marriage Certificate

The marriage license is the document you receive (prior to the "big day") that allows you to get married

The marriage certificate is the document (sent to you in the mail about 2 to 3 weeks after the "big day") that proves you are married!


Should my Marriage Certificate have my new name on it?


Marriage Certificates differ in terms of verbiage and formatting county by county across the US. Some Certificates will list both parties' current legal names (i.e. "Person A" is marrying "Person B"). Other Certificates will ask for one or both parties' new married names (i.e. "Person A" is marrying "Person B" and Person B's declared surname is "XYZ").

If your Certificate requires only your and your spouse's current legal names, you'll be good to go! If though you were able to list a new married name (or declared surname etc.) and you did not, you won't be able to use the Certificate for the name change. We can't speak specifically to your situation without seeing the Marriage Certificate but please note that a vast majority of Marriage Certificates will NOT list the new married name.

If you'd like, you can send an email with a photo of your Marriage Certificate to our support team: "customerservice@hitchswitch.com"


What is a Certified Copy of my Marriage Certificate?

A Certified Copy of the Marriage Certificate is a DUPLICATE certificate that's issued directly from the county that issued the original certificate.

Please note: a photocopy or a notarized photocopy are NOT considered certified copies. If you attempt to use such a document, your name change will not be accepted.


Where can I request a Certified Copy, and how many are needed?

To request Certified Copies, you'll reach out to the county in which you were married (there will be reprinting and shipping fees).

Technically, you'll only need the original Marriage Certificate as no government agency will ever keep that certificate. When you submit an application in the mail, the certificate will be returned when your new Photo ID (etc.) is shipped. If you submit in person, you'll leave with the certificate in hand. With that being said, you can absolutely request Certified Copies if you don't feel comfortable putting your original certificate in the mail, or if you want to complete multiple steps at a time, you should not need any more than 2 certified copies.



International Q's (4)

I am a US Citizen Living Abroad, can I use HitchSwitch?

At this time HitchSwitch is only servicing US Citizens that reside permanently in the US (as the process greatly differs for clients outside of this situation).

Please continue to reach out, as we are always expanding our services, and we hope to be able to service you in the future!


I am a Green Card Holder, can I use HitchSwitch?


However, you will need to first update the name on your Green Card. Once complete, you will bring your updated Green Card AND foreign passport to Social Security to commence the name change process.


I am in the US on a work/student etc. Visa, can I use HitchSwitch?

Not at this time.

Your visa will not allow you to change your name after the "Big Day." In order to commence the process, you will first need to become a naturalized citizen or permanent resident. Once you are, we will be able to assist!


Does HitchSwitch only work in the United States?

At this time, our name change service only works in the United States and United States territories.

We are continually expanding our suite of services, so please continue to reach out!



Passport Photo Q's (3)

How do I redeem my passport photo?

To redeem your complimentary passport photo, please follow the instructions below:

1. Download the NewPassportPhoto.com app from the App Store or Google Play;

2. Once the app is downloaded and opened, click the box - at the bottom of the app that asks if you are a current HitchSwitch.

3. Enter the email address associated with your HitchSwitch account and receive a promo code to use

4. Follow the prompts to take your photo;

5. Confirm your shipping details and submit;

Our Fulfillment team will automatically receive the photo, process and ship it to your attention.

Keep in mind that your photo is shipped separately from your HitchSwitch paperwork.

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I'm having issues submitting my photo, HELP!

Apologies for any inconvenience.

If you're expierencing any difficulty, please shoot our Support Team an email "Photo Support" so we can provide you with altenrate photo submission options.


How can I check the status of my passport photo?

There are two ways to track your NewPassportPhoto.com order:

1. You can check for in-app messages on the NewPassportPhoto.com app from your mobile device.

2. You can email "Photo Support" or your dedicated name change concierge.



Whoops, I Made A Mistake... (1)

I made a mistake when submitting my order, HELP!

If you purchased our Print at Home package, most updates can be made via your name change dashboard (which you can access here). If you need to update your name or email address, please shoot us an email at "customerservice@hitchswitch.com" and we'll be more than happy to make the revision on your behalf.

If you purchased our Full Service or Platinum Package and your order has not yet shipped, please email the necessary update to "customerservice@hitchswitch.com" so that we can make all necessary revisions prior to shipping.

If you've already received your order you can make most updates via your name change dashboard (which you can access here). If you need to update your name or email address, please shoot us an email at "customerservice@hitchswitch.com" and we'll be more than happy to make the revision on your behalf.



HitchSwitch Gift Cards (2)

How can I order a HitchSwitch Gift Card?

Check out our Gift Card page here

A HitchSwitch gift card makes the perfect shower, engagement or wedding gift!


What Are My Gift Card Options?

You can order an electronic gift card or a physical one!

If you choose the electronic route, the gift card will be sent to you ("buyer"), or the person you choose ("recipient") within a minute or two after you checkout.

If you choose a physical gift card, it will be shipped to you ("buyer") or the person you choose ("recipient") within 3 to 5 business days.



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