How to change your name

Congratulations! You’re married! After all the wedding vendor contracts and guest lists and thank you notes, the last thing you want to deal with right now is more documents. The cumbersome post-marriage name change process is probably the least exciting thing about getting married. The procedure can be overwhelming and it is easy to procrastinate legally changing your name, even months after your wedding.

Our founders, Josh Gelb and Jake Wolff, are former attorneys who know this hassle all too well. It’s our primary goal to take the stress out of the name change process. All you have to do is choose the package that’s right for you, fill out a form containing your basic information and then sit back and relax. We’ll do the legwork for you! In a few short days, you’ll receive all of the paperwork needed to change your name in pre-addressed envelopes. The paperwork is clearly marks all the areas that require your signature, so just sign and initial on the market spots, mail the paperwork off in the pre-addressed envelopes and voilà! You have a new name!

Get Started

Still want to go it alone? No problem - here’s what you need to know.

1. Obtain your marriage certificate (Note: this is not the same thing as your marriage license!)

When you head to the courthouse to get your marriage certificate, don’t forget to fill in your full new name.

If you’ve already received your marriage certificate without your changed name, go to your state’s court website, find and fill out the appropriate forms, and then file a petition which will be submitted to a judge.

2. Change your name on your social security card

once you’ve completed step 1, you’re ready to change your name on your social security card. This is a critical next step, as you won’t be able to continue the name change process without your new social security card. Fill out the SS-5 application that the Social Security Administration has readily available on their website.

With that ready to go, you have a couple options: mail all the paperwork into the Social Security Administration or make an appointment to file it in person.

  1. Mail: Send the SS-5 application form, along with all the proper documents outlined in the form--including your marriage certificate--to the SSA. It will take them roughly 4-6 weeks to return your new social security card to you.
  2. In person: Find the closest Social Security Administration office near you. Make an appointment and visit them in person. Make sure you bring all the appropriate forms with you--including your marriage certificate, birth certificate and photo ID (e.g., driver's license, passport, or state ID card).

3. Change your name on your driver’s license or state ID card

Unfortunately, the next step requires a visit to your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). Don’t forget, you’ll need to bring your new social security card, your marriage certificate and your old driver’s license or state ID in order to receive a new one.

4. Change your name on your bank accounts

The quickest way to change your name at your bank is to pay them a visit. Be sure to bring your marriage certificate and your new driver’s license!

5. Change your name on other documents:

Here’s a list of some places you might consider contacting to update them about your new name:

  • Passport office
  • Credit Card companies
  • Landlord or mortgages
  • Post office
  • Car title
  • Voter registration
  • Your attorney
  • Insurance companies
  • Doctor’s offices

Exhausted just thinking about it? You could skip all the stress by choosing the HitchSwitch package that is right for you! Just fill out a simple, secure form with only your basic information and allow us to do the rest. If you have any questions along the way, we are always available to you!