About Us

Our Team

HitchSwitch was born out of an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to make life easier. HitchSwitch co-founders, Josh Gelb (left) and Jake Wolff (right), met on their first day of Fordham Law School, where they were section-mates. The two toyed with the idea of starting a business, and hoped to experience their Eureka! moment.

As most good ideas come from real life, Josh got married in 2009, and his wife was insistent on keeping her last name,— claiming that the name change process was too tedious and Internet solutions were lacking or completely misleading. When Jake got married the following year, his wife wished for simple step-by-step instructions to simplify the legal name-change process, and HitchSwitch was born.

Josh and Jake believe that no one should ever wait on long lines at multiple government offices, only to find out that they completed an outdated name change form. They sought to create a website where one could quickly change their legal name after marriage, while eliminating all the hassles of locating the appropriate forms, filling out paperwork, and spending your first days of marriage bogged down with endless amounts of paperwork.

Since the founding of HitchSwitch, Josh, Jake, and the entire HitchSwitch team have had the pleasure of guiding thousands of newlyweds through the name-change process.

For $25.00, the team at HitchSwitch provides its clients with completed name change forms, so the client can easily print, sign, and send everything in at their convenience. For $50.00, the team at HitchSwitch will assemble, process, and mail a fully customized name change packet to any provided U.S. address. When the client receives the forms, all that is left for them to do is sign where HitchSwitch has indicated, slip the prepared forms into their pre-stamped and addressed envelopes, and drop them into the nearest mailbox. (An in-person visit to a local DMV is often required, however, upon arrival, all necessary forms will be complete and ready for processing).

Giving back is an integral part of the culture at HitchSwitch. Therefore, a portion of the proceeds from each HitchSwitch transaction is donated to breast and ovarian cancer research.